Our Story


You have seen our name at Major League Baseball® games and thought ...

Who is Doosan?

You may not know it, but we’ve been on your team for years. The roads you take to games are built with help from our excavators and wheel loaders. From the places we live to the stadiums where we cheer, when there’s hard work to do, we’re the construction equipment brand that always steps up to the plate.

Wheel Loaders

Crawler Excavators

Material Handlers

Articulated Dump Trucks

Log Loaders

Wheel Excavators

We Swing For the Fences

Because winning construction equipment is always in season.

Batting Cleanup

No trash talk here. Every day, one Doosan customer uses our wheel loaders and excavators to recycle more than 1,000 tons of building material. So it stays out of landfills.

Here's the Score

Doosan makes all-star construction equipment that builds roads, cities and communities.

Playing The Sandlot

Sand and gravel make concrete. Concrete makes great things, like baseball stadiums. Meet a customer who uses Doosan® crawler excavators and wheel loaders to keep that vital material flowing.

Ready for the Big Leagues 

The smallest players can have the biggest dreams. Doosan celebrates the all-star in all of us.

We've Got Impressive Stats

As one of the largest and one of the fastest-growing construction equipment brands in North America, we’re an old pro who hasn’t been a rookie since first taking the field in the ’77 season.

Making A Road Trip

Highways. Transportation. Infrastructure. Our customers use Doosan equipment to keep people on the move, so they can get to that next away game. 

Doosan Plays
to Win

Customers join our team because the Doosan equipment lineup delivers durability, fuel efficiency, comfort and ease of maintenance that can’t be found anywhere else.

Cheering The Home Team

Doosan equipment helped build an affordable housing development for elderly and low-income citizens. Because everyone deserves to be safe at home.

Now You Know.

Our Work's a Game-Changer.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Doosan is all about the hustle. Follow us to see where we’re making our next play.

MLB Logo

Doosan is proud to be the official construction equipment partner of Major League Baseball®